Boom Buster Nozzles


All Boom Buster Nozzles are machined from solid stainless steel and deliver a range of benefits including:

• Wide range of spray widths
• Excellent pattern consistency and distribution
• Ability to spray chemicals and fertilizers
• Use of standard pipe threads

- Standard models spray beneath and further behind the nozzle to ensure overlap when 2 nozzles are mounted back to back.The model number "R" versions are for Right-of-way spraying. They spray beneath and slightly behind the nozzle.
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Boom Buster Nozzle 265-R
SKU 265-R
Boom Buster Nozzle 370-R
SKU 370-R
Boom Buster Nozzle 375
SKU 375
Boom Buster Nozzle 375-R
SKU 375-R
Boom Buster Nozzle 437
SKU 437
Boom Buster Nozzle 437-R
SKU 437-R